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Submitted by BennyMetal on 01/26/2023


Overall Rating

Avoid at all costs -  After reading many reviews I figured could they really be this bad?  I looked into them and saw they recently opened a storefront, so I figured maybe they had gotten their act together, but I was wrong!!!    The net net is that after cancelling the order they refused to issue a refund because I had contacted my credit card company and then they added I have to work with the credit card company, and it can take 5 months.  I guess that' my penalty form trying to protect myself from scammers.    I repeat, they confirmed order cancellation but refused a refund.   Why they would choose to do this on a purchase under $40 is beyond me - it should have been simple, issue the credit memo and enjoy the rest of your day and possibly get a review over 1 star.  They have made their choice and can now deal with the repercussions.  Here is the link in case anyone needs it - https://ago.mo.gov/app/consumercomplaint

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Dack outdoors should be avoided at all costs!

This type of scam has never happened to me before - it is a "moving/rolling" loan. They will charge your CC $**** and use it for their purposes and then refund you and tell you that there was a "inventory discrepancy". You will receive an apology via email but no personal call explaining how this could happen in the modern world.<span style="background-color: transparent;"> Please contact the Attorney General's office of the state of Missouri as I did. Since they are a FFL dealer, I will be contacting the ATF about the apparent misconduct, </span><span style="background-color: transparent;">Consumer Complaint No. CC-2023-03-000400 Details</span>Consumer Information 104 Central Ave, Pattonsburg, MO 64670PAttonsburg, MO 64670(660) 367-2425(660) 367-2425    <table align="left" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td height="0" width="100%"></td></tr><tr><td></td><td></td></tr></tbody></table> 

Submitted by Mike Badge on 03/05/2023

Scammers - Run as fast as you can

Placed an order and got the same store.  It will ship in 30-days, or we can give you store credit.  

Submitted by Sporting Clays on 01/17/2023


Absolutely the WORST company to do business with. They made it explicitly clear to me that their priority is "what work for them". THE CUSTOMER IS NOT THEIR PRIORITY. After placing an order for an item, I noticed a message at the top of the home page saying orders could take up to 30 days to ship. I made contact requesting a cancellation/refund and was told that they only issue credit note-even though the order was not processed. (No phone contact is available). Never had this kind of experience. If the company is doing so much business as they claim-why would they want to hold on to a measly $66.98. This kind of behavior is what you would expect from a SCAMMER!  VERY SHAMEFUL INDEED. Their rating should be less than one.

Submitted by Herms Llc on 01/12/2023


After waiting more than 30 days my oder still had not shipped and when I asked for a refund Dack when dark! . I received nothing but B-S from Dack. Had to do a CC chargeback to get my refund. What a SCAM!!!

Submitted by Billy on 01/11/2023


If I could rate these people at zero that would not be low enough. They are thieves and have stolen over 350 dollars from me

Submitted by Grne Coleman on 01/03/2023

Dack Outdoors is the best!

I've made two separate major purchases from Dack Outdoors, and have nothing but good to say about them. They quickly and accurately filled my orders, and they have an excellent notification system to let you know when items you're interested in are back in stock. They are fast, friendly, and honest!

Submitted by Scott Fullmer on 12/21/2022

Do not order anything from Dack Outdoors

I ordered 1 item from them that they said was in stock.  It was not and it took them 6 weeks to ship my order.  They do not offer refunds, only store credit.  Do not order anything from them !  They will SCAM YOU and will keep your money !  I can't give them a low enough rating.

Submitted by Edward on 11/21/2022

DACK Outdoors is a B S Business

I was wronged also by Dack Outdoors also. I suggest everyone do what I did:Contact the Chamber of Commerce in Cainsville   1301 E. Main St. Cainsville, Missouri 64632 (660) 893-5218 Also  File a complaint with the Missouri States Attorney General

Submitted by Charles on 11/21/2022

Dack outdoors is a scam

I did like many here and ordered a firearm from Dack. you cannot contact them by phone and they rarely answer emails.I have been trying to get a refund and like everyone else, they say they only give store credit.... I am trying to get in touch with a manager but I am probably being lied to by "Brooklyn" I did start a dispute with my card company but who knows how long that will last...DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM, THE PRICE AND THE WAIT IS NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE

Submitted by Shawn Hunter on 11/17/2022

I was a fool!

I was a fool because I did not check out Dack Outdoors before placing my order.If you search the owner,,Carsley Crabtree, you will find he is (or was previously) a car salesman.  pettijohnauto / carsley-crabtreeIf you search the company address on Zillow, you will see that it is actually a home (no storefront or warehouse for inventory).  502 Chestnut St, Pattonsburg, MO 64670Dack Outdoor's business model is take your money at order placement and (hopefully) place a dropship order with a distributor.  They can sell near wholesale because they earn interest off your money for 38 calendar days (or longer, due to the credit only policy) and because they don't carry inventory.  If you don't get your item in 38 days, you probably need to ask your credit card company to issue a charge back.   Dishonest website and a waste of everyone's time and money.

Submitted by John on 10/28/2022


They don’t have a item in stock and not canceling order. They are recommending store credit. 

Submitted by Gennadiy on 09/16/2022

Unreputable Company BUYER BEWARE!

At time of purchase, I confirmed with the merchant that the selected items were in stock.  After placing the order, my credit card was immediately charged for the full amount, though l did NOT receive any verification from the merchant.  After two email attempts to contact them, Customer Service (CS) confirmed the order but still wouldn’t provide an invoice.  After 14-days of no further communication, I contacted CS and was now advised that per their store policy it could take up to 30-days before the order was processed and/or shipped.  At that time, I requested a cancellation of the order and advised they would only issue a store credit and REFUSED make a credit back to my original payment source. A dispute was filed with my cc company and the items were then ordered from GrabaGun and were shipped the following day.  I would never do business with this company again, much less want a store credit after their treatment.

Submitted by Kelsay Investigations on 09/14/2022

Buyer Beware

Unfortunately, I had not read the reviews for this company, not their cancelation policy before making my purchase. Once you hit submit order in their website, you're never getting that money back. If you take 30 days to fulfill an order, why in the hell would I want a store credit to wait another 30 days for anything else that you day you offer.. All while never being guaranteed you'll receive your item ever. This is the most underhanded company I have ever dealt with before and I'm 50. Do not purchase anything from Dack Outdoors, you'll live to regret it for sure. 

Submitted by Steve on 08/26/2022


They are not a store, no brick and mortar store, they have nothing in stock, they charge your credit card instantly, their policy is you have to wait 30 days for your order, their policy is once the order is in processing it can't be cancelled, if your try to cancel you have broken policy, if you ask for a refund their policy is they only allow refunds as store credit, but there is no store, endless cycle of ways to keep your money, I give them a 0000 rating,  TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN, THIS IS A SCAM

Submitted by Jeff King on 08/16/2022


Order 2 guns, paid 30 for shipping. One was canceled and still haven’t heard about the other. Requested to cancel multiple times with no productive response. Not recommend.

Submitted by John on 08/08/2022

Worst Company I have Ever Dealt With

I dont write reviews ever but felt I had to here in hopes to save somebody else. I ordered an optic online and after the order processed a disclaimer was sent that stated a 30 day lead time on shipping. When I contacted them they were very rude and said the only refund they can give is store credit. I asked to speak to somebody on the phone and they ahvent responded. Im still waiting for my item to be shipped. Going on 4 weeks.

Submitted by Bruce on 07/25/2022

Second review of Dack Outdoors

Ordered a Ruger 556 MPR on June 16, 2022.  Finally after 33 days I texted, not called because there’s not a number I could find, to cancel order.  As I was texting to cancel order I get a notification that the order shipped.  It’s expected to arrive via USPS on July 25.  Tracking shows it left Missouri 2 days ago but it didn’t reach another destination yet.  We shall see.  Oh by the way, I was told by “Brooklyn” they don’t count Sundays in the 30 days.  Never buying anything from them again and the no tax is sketchy.  I saved maybe $150 on the rifle but if I never see it?  Saved nothing.

Submitted by Kevin on 07/21/2022

Do not buy anything from this place.

Ordered a firearm online, selected my FFL.  Brooklyn said there was a problem and they needed the FFL again, but would not call my FFL, only wanted it via email.  Tried to cancel order, can only "give store credit."  

Submitted by Chad on 07/08/2022

Dack Outdoors Purchase

Apparently I have also made the same mistake as others for purchasing a gun from Dack Outdoors.  I purchased a Ruger MPR 556 from them on June 16, 2022.  They did take the money at the time of purchase.  I have reached out to them and spoke to a representative named "Brooklyn" who assures me it will take 30 days but it will arrive to my FFL.  I received a response from them every time I reached out but have not received the rifle as of yet.

Submitted by Kevin on 07/02/2022

never use dack outdoors

Do not order from them. They generally do not have your item in stock. They warn you that business is so heavy it may take 30 days to ship. In fact they are trying to get the product from someone to ship to you. They use your money for 30 days and then tell sorry,  not in inventory. Will refund your money and cancel the order. Where else can you borrow money at no interest?Buyer beware. 

Submitted by Cheated Customer on 06/19/2022

Dack Outdoors review

Shopped online for a pistol I wanted, Dack had the best price. Placed the order and yes they charged my card at that time. Website stated it might take up to 30 days to ship. For the price I was ok with that. They emailed me the next day and needed my ffl info. Got that to them and they responded that the order was processing. A few days later I got an email saying the order had shipped. In short I placed the order on May 24th and the gun arrived at the ffl on June 2nd. Others may have had bad luck with Dack but I have no complaints whatsoever.

Submitted by Tom Land on 06/02/2022

Contacted Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt

As many write here, they take your money, hold it for 30 days and then cancel on you.  I cannot say it was them, but they are the only business that I have used my credit card on where I had any trouble what so ever, and my card was fraudulently used 3 weeks after my "purchase" from Dack.  My advice is to contact the Missouri AG as I did and complain about Dack.  If Dack does not charge sales tax, make sure you let the AG know it as this is probably illegal. If your CC is fraudulently used, put that in the complaint but don't say with any certainty that it was Dack w/o proof.  Let the state you live in know about them not charging sales tax too.  For the complaint, Dack's contact info is: 502 Chestnut Street, Pattonsburg, MO 64670 Ph: 660-953-0804.

Submitted by Unsatisfied Buyer on 04/30/2022


This company touts that they don't ship for 30 days because of Russia. LOL. We all know who blames Russia for everything, right? They WILL charge your card immediately (not when it ships) and will not refund your money if you get tired of waiting. I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of dollars they are sitting on that is not theirs? All the time waiving the Christian Flag while ripping people off. Will they eventually ship to you? Maybe. Maybe not. This type of transaction should be illegal.All you can do is contact your credit card company and hope for help in reversing fraudulent charges. Basically, they are trying to sell things they don't have. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Bottom Line - DO NOT RISK YOUR MONEY HERE. I never received the merchandise. They still have my money. The fight is on!

Submitted by S. Brightside on 04/18/2022

If you want it, dont order from DACK

So my first orders went well, My second order wasn't in stock but they BO'd it and at least kept me updated.  It took a long time to come in.  My second order, cancelled after I initiated a "Hey, where's my item" support.  Only explanation was that stock was off.  My fourth order, yep, cancelled after their 30 day policy,  out of stock was the excuse.  I am done with DACKS and will FOREVER recommend that you locate your product elsewhere if you want it.  This is the problem with a dropship company.

Submitted by Sean B on 04/12/2022

Dack Outdoors is a rip off

Dack Outdoors is a rip off. I placed on order and then realized that their policy is to hold you and your money hostage. I few minutes after placing my order I realized I didn’t want to wait that long(30 days) They list a very good price for a Trijicon RMR Type 2 for $435 but they actually don’t have the item in stock. I’m requesting to cancel the order and they tell me that I can’t. They are holding me and my money hostage. Trying to force me to do business with them. BUYER BEWARE:And they are supposed to be a 2nd Amendment supporter. Boy if this is how you treat fellow 2nd Amendment supporters. I’m demanding that you cancel my order. I’m going to be posting this in every social media I can find. 

Submitted by Irving Lugo on 03/21/2022

DAK Outdoors Not worth it

It takes 30days to ship a standard item then a week for processing. Part of the order was refunded with no explanation. I question if this company is located in the US??? No contact phone number everything done by email. 

Submitted by Biomedical Instrumentation Services on 03/05/2022

Crappy service

Take your money quickly and then tell you that your FFL  dealer was not on file get the ffl license  sent it  we received it from dusch outdoors then emailed me asking if I still wanted  said yes has not generated anything as of yet waiting ....asked about canceling oh we give store credit .....buddy if I want something cancelled I sure as hell will take my business elsewhere.  ...this company is garbage ....period

Submitted by Usmc on 02/25/2022

Had me worried, but I received the gun

Bottom line:  I was able to pick up my firearm at my FFL 34 days after my order was placed.  Order was filled as I ordered.First thing to know is that Dack does not contact your FFL, so you need to get them to email Dack with the FFL license as soon as you order from Dack.  Second thing is that the 30 day period for return for cash does not start when you enter your order, but when Dack gets the FFL license.  Third thing is that Dack does not go to the "processing" stage on their tracking site until about two days prior to it going into the mail.  So I worried because so many reviews said that Dack never did send out other's orders.   But I got mine.Would I use them again?  I didn't save enough money to warrant the worries and delays that went with this order, so, No, I will not use them again.  

Submitted by Frank on 02/02/2022

Buyer Beware

Over the past decade I've placed a slew orders with online venders that serve the firearms community. None of them have ever displayed the bazaar, and inconsistent business model that I encountered at Dack Outdoors. They appear to believe their 30 Day disclaimer exempts them from answering any questions regarding delays, availability, or if, and when they will be able fulfill your order. In addition, their Military Discount appears to be total lip service. I have been unable to find a single item that qualified for the discount.

Submitted by J. C. Duncan on 11/17/2021

Dack outdoors.

Do not order from them. They generally do not have your item in stock. They warn you that business is so heavy it may take 30 days to ship. In fact they are trying to get the product from someone to ship to you. They use your money for 30 days and then tell sorry,  not in inventory. Will refund your money and cancel the order. Where else can you borrow money at no interest?Buyer beware. 

Submitted by Gene Robben on 08/19/2021