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Submitted by Scott Fullmer on 12/21/2022

Dack Outdoors is the best!

Overall Rating

I've made two separate major purchases from Dack Outdoors, and have nothing but good to say about them. They quickly and accurately filled my orders, and they have an excellent notification system to let you know when items you're interested in are back in stock. They are fast, friendly, and honest!

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They don’t have a item in stock and not canceling order. They are recommending store credit. 

Submitted by Gennadiy on 09/16/2022

Dack Outdoors review

Shopped online for a pistol I wanted, Dack had the best price. Placed the order and yes they charged my card at that time. Website stated it might take up to 30 days to ship. For the price I was ok with that. They emailed me the next day and needed my ffl info. Got that to them and they responded that the order was processing. A few days later I got an email saying the order had shipped. In short I placed the order on May 24th and the gun arrived at the ffl on June 2nd. Others may have had bad luck with Dack but I have no complaints whatsoever.

Submitted by Tom Land on 06/02/2022

If you want it, dont order from DACK

So my first orders went well, My second order wasn't in stock but they BO'd it and at least kept me updated.  It took a long time to come in.  My second order, cancelled after I initiated a "Hey, where's my item" support.  Only explanation was that stock was off.  My fourth order, yep, cancelled after their 30 day policy,  out of stock was the excuse.  I am done with DACKS and will FOREVER recommend that you locate your product elsewhere if you want it.  This is the problem with a dropship company.

Submitted by Sean B on 04/12/2022

Had me worried, but I received the gun

Bottom line:  I was able to pick up my firearm at my FFL 34 days after my order was placed.  Order was filled as I ordered.First thing to know is that Dack does not contact your FFL, so you need to get them to email Dack with the FFL license as soon as you order from Dack.  Second thing is that the 30 day period for return for cash does not start when you enter your order, but when Dack gets the FFL license.  Third thing is that Dack does not go to the "processing" stage on their tracking site until about two days prior to it going into the mail.  So I worried because so many reviews said that Dack never did send out other's orders.   But I got mine.Would I use them again?  I didn't save enough money to warrant the worries and delays that went with this order, so, No, I will not use them again.  

Submitted by Frank on 02/02/2022

Buyer Beware

Over the past decade I've placed a slew orders with online venders that serve the firearms community. None of them have ever displayed the bazaar, and inconsistent business model that I encountered at Dack Outdoors. They appear to believe their 30 Day disclaimer exempts them from answering any questions regarding delays, availability, or if, and when they will be able fulfill your order. In addition, their Military Discount appears to be total lip service. I have been unable to find a single item that qualified for the discount.

Submitted by J. C. Duncan on 11/17/2021