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Federal Firearms License - Firearms Transfer

Federal Firearms License - Firearms Transfer

F.F.L. is the abbreviation for federal firearms license which is a license that the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosive issues to individuals or companies engaging in the business of selling guns. Federal firearms license holders will also transfer firearms to people that have bought their firearms elsewhere and had it shipped to their favorite gun store or F.F.L. holder.

Yes it is legal to buy firearms over the internet or by mail order, but all firearms have to be transferred by law to a federal firearms license holder at their business location. This is why all firearms are shipped to F.F.L. holders for transfer to customers, instead of right to your door.

Most gun shops and pawn shops are F.F.L. holders and will do the paper work and the transfer for a small fee. A person that is a holder of a license can do the transfer for you also. This is a great way to generate some cash flow without carrying inventory.

A signed F.F.L. license copy is required before any order can be shipped. A copy of the license bearing an original ink signature is the legal requirement. This ensures that the firearm is being shipped to the same address on the license. This helps in the unlawful delivery of firearms to non F.F.L. holders.

As you can tell, the transferring of firearms can take a lot of time and effort for the customer so they can poses their firearm that they bought online or though the mail. If you would like to have your firearms delivered right to your door, then it is time to get your F.F.L.


To get help with the application follow the link for the resources and answers to questions related to how to get a FFL license.


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