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A Beginners Guide to AR-15s.

A Beginners Guide to AR-15s.


A Beginners Guide to AR-15s. 


Within the United States of America, there are 5 million AR 15 owners. This is approximately sixty per cent of all rifles sold in America. The AR 15 is a fully customizable, lightweight, semi-automatic rifle. The gun was developed in the 1950s by Armalite. ArmaLite sold the rights to Colt. They modified the firearm and supplied it to the US military in a fully automatic M-16 version. Colt then developed the civilian semi-automatic version. Its vast popularity is due to the rifle being adaptable, customizable, reliable and accurate. The gun needs little care and feeds well when shot. Different AR 15 builds allow the firearm to be 


Why is the AR-15 Suitable for Beginners 


The AR-15 rifle is easy to control. It generally can be adjusted for different statures of shooters. Making the firearm more comfortable to shoot. The rifles steps needed to fire it are easy to follow. The simple loading feature will help prevent any complications for new shooters. The AR-15 can be easily dismantled and cleaned. There is a wide selection of budget-friendly models up to higher-end AR-15s available on the market. 


Why is the AR-15 Suitable for Preppers 


The AR-15 firearm is a strong deterrent for any prevailing attacker. The gun’s ammunition and parts are widely available. This should be a huge consideration for anyone looking for long term self-defence. The AR-15 is lightweight and compact, meaning it can be easily stored inside a vehicle or small space. The AR-15 is both good for defence and hunting. 


Why is the AR-15 Suitable for Hunters 


The AR-15 is lightweight and powerful enough to hunt with. It is fast-acting and durable enough to take on long trips in harsh conditions. The gun’s magazine can be changed to a limited capacity mag to satisfy regulations in your area. One of the advantages of AR-15 rifles is that they can target multiple animals at once. 


Upgrades and Attachments 


There is a wide variety of upgrades and attachments that can be added to AR-15s. Flashlights and red dots sight can be mounted to the rail of your AR-15 build. You can purchase a two or three-stage trigger for the majority of AR-15s. You can change the pull weight measured in pounds. Upgrading stocks can change the butt pad making the firearm more comfortable when shooting. Custom grips can be added in different placement zones throughout the gun. Adding an optic can dramatically change the overall performance of the rifle. Helping you to increase accuracy when shooting.    





Selecting an AR-15 as your go-to rifle will not be regretted. The AR-15 is an excellent rifle for beginners, intermediate and expert shooters. Both peppers and hunters can use the AR-15 advantages for their benefit. With a wide range of modifications and attachments available, the AR-15 is viewed as one of the best rifle types on the market. To choose the best available AR-15 for you, use FindArms Firearm Connections. Find local FFL Dealers by searching our trusted network of top-rated FFL dealers and professionals. 


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